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A public health approach to cervical cancer screening in Africa through community-based self-administered HPV testing and mobile treatment provision.

Nakalembe M, Makanga P, Kambugu A, Laker-Oketta M, Huchko MJ, Martin J.

November 2020

Comparison of the costs of HPV testing through community health campaigns versus home-based testing in rural Western Kenya: a microcosting study.

Olwanda EE, Kahn JG, Choi Y, Islam JY, Huchko M.

October 27, 2020

Systems-level barriers to treatment in a cervical cancer prevention program in Kenya: Several observational studies.

Page CM, Ibrahim S, Park LP, Huchko MJ.

July 13, 2020

Safety and Acceptability of Thermal Ablation for Treatment of Human Papillomavirus Among Women Living With HIV in Western Kenya.

Mungo C, Osongo CO, Ambaka J, Randa MA, Omoto J, Cohen CR, Huchko M.

July 2020

Scaling up cervical cancer prevention in Western Kenya: Treatment access following a community-based HPV testing approach.

Mungo C, Ibrahim S, Bukusi EA, Truong HM, Cohen CR, Huchko M.

April 29, 2020

HPV-based cervical cancer screening in low-resource settings: Maximizing the efficiency of community-based strategies in rural Kenya.

Huchko MJ, Olwanda E, Choi Y, Kahn JG.

March 2020

Prevalence, characteristics, and outcomes of HIV-positive women diagnosed with invasive cancer of the cervix in Kenya.

Mungo C, Cohen CR, Maloba M, Bukusi EA, Huchko MJ.

December 2013

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