Frequently asked questions

What facilities offer imaging services?

West Kenya Diagnostic and Imaging Center offers imaging and diagnostic services, including X-Ray, Mammography, CT Scan, Ultrasound, MRI Scans, and Biopsy. For more information, visit

What facilities offer laboratory services?

The following facilities offer laboratory services: PathExperts Clinical Lab: For more information, visit Pathologist Lancet Kenya: Offers 24 hour specimen collection services across its networks and tests (Fertility testing, Coagulation profiles, lipid profiles, Bone markers, STIs, Diabetes tests, Pancreatic function tests,Thyroid Function Tests, Infectious disease tests) For more information, visit Optimum Medical Plaza, Tom Mboya Estate: Offers histology, cytology (Pap smear, FNA cytology, Bone marrow aspirate,Terphine bone marrow, Peripheral blood film)

How can I book an appointment with Room 16 (JOOTRH referral) for Breast and Cervical Cancer?

  • Call or send a message to +254 715 418 447 to check availability.
  • Once availability is confirmed send the following details via message
    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. Parity
    4. HIV status
    5. Residence
    6. Telephone no
  • Confirm date booked ( should be a Tuesday)
  • Patients should come for the appointment with all the latest investigations done so far by 8 am at room 16 in the MCH outpatient clinic at JOOTRH

How can I book an appointment with a service location?

Call the service location using the phone number provided on the Service Locations page